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janusNET was incorporated in 2004, and the first release of the janusSEAL suite of products was 2005.  The products and the company have evolved since then, and so have the markets we operate in. We provide comprehensive classification and protection of files created in Microsoft environments, from Office documents, to pdfs and other files types, and, of course, emails in Outlook, Outlook Web Access.

janusNET also developed a pragmatic mobile security solution - our award winning janusGATE Mobile. Now customers all over the world get the productivity benefits and flexible working arrangements offered by mobile devices without risking the loss of sensitive material.

We strive for best design and quality.  We aim to complement rather than compete with existing technology and infrastructure.  Thus, janusNET products are known for their sound design, practical deployment and low maintenance costs. Our customers will tell you - "it just works".

janusNET’s directors were chosen to co-author the "Protective Markings for Internet E-mail Messages", published by the Australian Government Information Management Office (AGIMO). This standard enabled Australian Government Agencies to use a common format for email security classifications, greatly simplifying protection of their information, whether shared between or outside government. 

Now our technology is used all over the world for government and commercial customers.

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