Janusseal Schema

Janusseal SchemaJanusseal Schema is a software application from Janusnet that is used by an organisation to express its security classification schema in an electronic representation suitable for use in any of the Janusseal suite of products.

What is a security classification schema?

An organisation's security classification schema defines how information should be classified (categorised) with regards to its sensitivity or value to the organisation. The schema defines the various security classification terms that are used within the organisation, the ranking of the terms from least sensitive to most sensitive and often examples of how various types of information would be classified under the schema. An organisation's security classification schema is applicable to both electronic and traditional paper based information.

Why would I use Janusseal Schema?

JanussealJanusseal Schema is useful to security experts and system's administrators in organisations that use one or more Janusseal products.

Janusseal products make use of an organisation's security classification schema to provide asset based security solutions and as such require knowledge of the schema used by an organisation. A system administrator responsible for configuring one or several Janusseal products require the organisation's schema in electronic form before the Janusseal products can be configured.

What role does Janusseal Schema play in configuring the Janusseal product(s) in my organisation?

Janusseal Schema is used early in the process of configuring one or more Janusseal products in an organisation. It has a number of crucial roles:

  • Janusseal Schema is the tool for defining and maintaining your organisation's security classification schema in electronic form
  • Janusseal Schema is used to convert this electronic schema definition into a form suitable for use with Microsoft Group Policy Objects, the preferred way for controlling the configuration settings of Janusseal products.

Minimum operating environment requirements:

  • Microsoft .Net Framework version 2.0 or above
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Vista Business SP2, Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8


Click here to download Janusseal Schema.