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Updated: 2 hours 56 min ago

India aims to become global hub for manufacturing smartphones

3 hours 57 min ago
More than two dozen firms set up smartphone assembling units as part of the 'Make in India' program.
Categories: Security

Telstra Health wins government cancer-screening database contract

4 hours 4 min ago
Telstra will construct and run the new cervical and bowel cancer-screening database, with records to be available online for patients and doctors.
Categories: Security picks AWS for major migration

6 hours 36 min ago
The stepped up partnership with Salesforce is just the latest major deal for Amazon's $10bn cloud business.
Categories: Security

Spanish police seize bitcoin mining centers, arrest 30 for money laundering

7 hours 22 min ago
The raids and arrests follow an investigation into an alleged plot to illegally decode and distribute pay-TV content.
Categories: Security

HP tops Q2 earnings targets, but revenue slips on weak PC and printer demand

7 hours 51 min ago
HP's segment revenues in Q2 were down across the board.
Categories: Security

US government is spending billions on old tech that barely works, says watchdog

8 hours 28 min ago
Three-quarters of the government's IT budget goes to supporting legacy systems, some of which date back to the 1970s.
Categories: Security

Dropbox EMM support now available on iOS, Android

9 hours 3 min ago
Dropbox also said that it has a bevy of new EMM integration partners, including IBM, Inventit, SoftBank Business Concierge, and Matrix42.
Categories: Security

Brazilian Post to enter the mobile market

9 hours 19 min ago
Correios expects to get at least 1 million users in the first year of operation
Categories: Security

Square releases Register API for Android

10 hours 52 min ago
Square ​rolled out a similar API in March for iOS-based point-of-sale systems as part of the company's Build with Square initiative.
Categories: Security

LinkedIn open source monitoring system for Kafka

11 hours 31 min ago
The move is likely to help Kafka users and engineers to better monitor the streaming data system.
Categories: Security

Twilio launches Notify for notification orchestration

12 hours 1 min ago
Twilio Notify aims to customize notifications on mobile so customers aren't bogged down.
Categories: Security

Clinton broke email rules, says watchdog: Four things you need to know

12 hours 13 min ago
The report accuses Hillary Clinton's former department of "longstanding, systemic weaknesses" in using a private email server for government business.
Categories: Security

How to make installing the Windows 7 convenience rollup a little less painful

13 hours 33 min ago
Microsoft's rollup of security and non-security fixes for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 can be rather onerous to install. Here are some tips for IT pros wrestling with the rollup.
Categories: Security

Scary and fascinating: The future of big data

Wed, 2016-05-25 23:25
A leading expert on big data explains how the technology will transform work.
Categories: Security

Apple's Siri SDK: Too late to duel Amazon Echo, Google Assistant?

Wed, 2016-05-25 23:14
Apple is betting that third party app developers can juice up Siri enough to close artificial intelligence and smart home gaps with Amazon and Google.
Categories: Security

After LinkedIn heist, here's how Microsoft is tightening password security

Wed, 2016-05-25 22:54
LinkedIn's latest list of leaked credentials is helping Microsoft refine its list of banned passwords as it also issues new best-practice guidelines.
Categories: Security

Why Amazon is the king of innovation: Advantage, Alexa

Wed, 2016-05-25 22:19
We continue our week long series on Amazon innovation with a discussion of the Amazon Echo, Tap, and Dot devices, and how the Alexa service may be taking the fire out of Siri and OK Google.
Categories: Security

Asia's fintech VC funds hit $2.6B in 1Q

Wed, 2016-05-25 22:00
Fuelled by "mega-rounds", funds for venture capital-backed fintech companies climbed dramatically in first-quarter 2016 from just US$500 million in the previous quarter.
Categories: Security

Salesforce launches Snap-ins to bring app experiences to Service Cloud on web, mobile

Wed, 2016-05-25 22:00
Combined with Google's move ​to combine Android apps and the mobile web via Instant Apps, the big theme is that there's a movement to bring more of an app experience into other channels.
Categories: Security

Google Alphabet boss Schmidt: Yeah, I have an iPhone 6S - but Galaxy S7 is better

Wed, 2016-05-25 21:22
Who uses an iPhone? Alphabet boss Eric Schmidt and just about every other person at the tech startup conference in Amsterdam where he was speaking.
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